From the recording Grady Hoss and the Sidewinders

A song written in 2002 after 9/11


Let's Talk About This

Was talk'n to a friend just the other day
Break'n down the American way just like we always do
We're getting too smart for our own good
Change comin' round to the neighborhood and there's no deny'n

Competition and greed they say "The root of it all is the love of money"
But I think it goes deeper than that...the fear of death is what breaks our backs these days

Hey let's talk about this

Facing my anxieties, running away from society
I don't know if that's the way
But I've got too much on my hard drive
Gotta get some peace before I crumble and die

Seems as if the more we learn we open up another can of worms
It just don't make sense to me
Man we're moving too gotdamn fast...
Let me off before we crash this thing

Hey let's talk about this

So whatcha gonna do in a world of lies?
You speak the truth and you wind up dying
I just want the simple life..Do what I do and that's alright with me

Money don't mean that much to me
I know it's a necessity but I'm not buying
I'll trade you yours for one of mine
I'll sing a song for a glass of wine
yeah...that's what I'm talk'n about

Hey let's talk about this